September 15, 2023


Top 9 Must-Follow AI Influencers of August 2023!

Follow the top AI influencers of August 2023 - Demis Hassais, Fei-Fei li, Cassy Kozyrkov, Jason Brownlee, Bernard Marr, Andrew Ng, Sudalai Rajakumar, Allie Miller, Francois Chollet, Karen Hao

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Artificial Intelligence is a global game-changer. Spanning from generative AI to cutting-edge cybersecurity, AI has redefined the way industries and societies function. However, despite 84% of the CEOs acknowledging its pivotal role in growth, the AI journey for most is just beginning. Meet the visionaries pioneering this field, driving awareness, and making AI & ML accessible to all.

1. Demis Hassabis

Demis Hassabis (born 27 July 1976) is an artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. Starting as a video game AI programmer and an expert board game player, he evolved into a pioneering neuroscientist, an award-winning game designer, and an accomplished entrepreneur. Demis co-founded DeepMind with a mission to crack the ‘intelligence puzzle’ using AI. His remarkable journey includes over a dozen research papers in prestigious journals like Nature and Science and groundbreaking achievements in challenging AI domains, including the gaming world with StarCraft II.

Twitter: @demishassabis, LinkedIn:, Site:

Source: Wikipedia

2. Fei-Fei Li

Meet Dr. Fei-Fei Li, the first Sequoia Professor at Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science. She wears multiple hats, serving as the co-director of both the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab. She also held the position of Google’s Vice President and Chief Scientist for machine learning and artificial intelligence on Google Cloud from January 2017 to September 2018. Dr. Li’s research interests encompass deep education, computer vision, machine learning, healthcare, and ambient intelligence systems.

Links: Stanford Profile, Twitter: @drfeifei, Google Scholar.

Source: Wikipedia

3. Jason Brownlee

Meet Jason Brownlee, Ph.D., the visionary founder of Machine Learning Mastery, dedicated to empowering developers in applied machine learning. With a rich academic background encompassing a Master’s and Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, he brings invaluable expertise honed through contributions to machine learning systems in defense, startups, and the critical field of severe weather forecasting.

Twitter: @TeachTheMachine, Site:

Source – LinkedIn

4. Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr is a globally recognized futurist, influencer, and thought leader in business and technology, with a profound commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of humanity. With an extraordinary reach of over 2 million social media followers and an impressive 1.2 million newsletter subscribers, his influence knows no bounds. LinkedIn has proudly ranked him among the top 5 global business influencers, securing his spot as the No. 1 influencer in the UK.

Twitter: @BernardMarr, LinkedIn:, Site:      

Source: Udemy

5. Andrew Ng

Meet the influential Andrew Ng—a luminary in machine learning, computer science, and tech entrepreneurship. He wears multiple hats as the Founder and CEO of DeepLearning AI, the Founder and CEO of Landing AI, and a General Partner at AI Fund. Dr. Ng’s legacy spans beyond his pioneering work in machine learning and online education, with over 200 research papers published in machine learning, robotics, and allied fields.

Twitter:, Site:

Source – Wikipedia

6. Sudalai Rajkumar

SRK stands out in the AI and machine learning community. He has a substantial presence on LinkedIn and Kaggle, a renowned platform for data science competitions, Sudalai Rajkumar is an independent expert. His active involvement in Kaggle competitions, where he generously shares his expertise through code repositories and discussions, showcases his commitment to advancing the field.”

LinkedIn:, Twitter:  

Source: LinkedIn

7. Allie Miller

Allie Miller is Amazon’s Head of AI Business Development for Startups and Venture Capital in the US, spearheading the growth of AI startups. In 2019, Forbes and the AI Summit honored her as the ‘AI Innovator of the Year.’ As an ambassador for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and an advocate for Advancing Women in Product— a 10,000-member organization—Allie’s influence knows no bounds. She’s a three-time champion of national innovation competitions, a testament to her remarkable talent and expertise.

LinkedIn, Twitter  

Source – LinkedIn

8. Francois Chollet

Meet Francois Chollet, the Google researcher with an impressive Twitter following. His claim to fame is Keras, the widely-used deep-learning library he created. While he doesn’t host an annual event, Francois is a prominent figure at AI conferences and workshops, consistently delivering valuable insights across platforms. He’s a dedicated sharer of deep learning knowledge on social media and the author of ‘Deep Learning with Python,’ a definitive source in the field.


Source –  Wikipedia

9. Karen Hao

As a journalist based in Hong Kong for The Wall Street Journal and former senior artificial intelligence editor at MIT Technology Review, as MIT Technology Review’s AI Reporter, she’s at the forefront of covering cutting-edge AI developments and their societal implications. Karen’s work delves into the ethics of AI and explores emerging applications. Her insightful articles and reporting keep her deeply connected with the AI community, even though she doesn’t host an annual event.

Twitter, LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Concluding Remarks

In traversing prominent AI influencers, we’ve encountered visionaries who’ve profoundly impacted the AI community. This ranking is based on Twitter & LinkedIn followers, but it only scratches the surface of their substantial contributions to the field. These influencers have reshaped the discourse around AI, promoting innovation and inspiring others to explore the limitless potential of artificial intelligence. By simplifying intricate concepts, they act as catalysts of knowledge, bridging the divide between experts and learners. These influencers are instrumental in shaping the industry, setting trends, sharing wisdom, and molding perspectives.

Edited By: Naga Vydyanathan