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We specialize in optimizing enterprise data, offering both plug-and-play AI products and solutions tailored to fit - Your Business, Your Way.

What took weeks, can be solved in seconds

Akaike, with our extensive expertise in AI and our product-centric approach, stands as the ideal partner for enterprises seeking to supercharge their employee capabilities and streamline business processes. Automate your workflows and discover new opportunities through our innovative solutions.

Discover avenues for Revenue Generation

From lead generation to enhanced customer engagement, Akaike can augment your company's revenue streams with AI solutions.

Improve efficiency with automated workflows

Boost company efficiency through AI-driven automation. Optimize workflows for seamless operations and increased productivity.

Bring data at the forefront of decision-making

Our AI solutions can help you make data-driven decisions with real-time insights and predictive analytics.

Bespoke offering

Custom Services

In addition to our products, we also take up AI transformation projects across industries, unlocking countless business applications.

Vision AI

Facial recognition, traffic imaging, medical imaging and beyond!


Supercharge your teams with AI-powered Forecasting, Reporting, Compliance and Risk Management!

Generative AI

Solve problems with the power of AI - trained on your company data.


Augmenting healthcare: EHR management, Personalized Plans, RCM Optimization, more.

Text AI

Read complicated documents and pages to find patterns, learn.

Retail and E-Commerce

Customer Insights, Demand Forecasting, RFM Segmentation, Customer lifetime value forecasting, and beyond.

Voice AI

Navigating audio made infinitely easier - Voice Recognition, Voice Changing, Speech Analytic.


Defect Detection, Warehouse Optimization, Object Recognition and more.

Entertainment and Broadcasting

Customer Segmentation, Churn Prediction, Lifetime Value Forecasting and more in the blink of an eye!

Case Studies

Case Studies and Solutions

AI transformation

Read more about our process and our past work

From pharmaceuticals to automobiles, our solutions have been transforming companies across sectors. Our customers have found real value with us. Let us tell you more on how we achieved this.

Automated E-mail Response System For Query Resolution

Automatic email reply with appropriate product specification document

Shilpa Ramaswamy

Jan 29, 2024

High Quality and Low Latency Face Super Resolution (FSR)

Automatic transformation of low-quality facial images into high-resolution images.

Shilpa Ramaswamy

Jan 29, 2024

Custom Solutions for your unique business

From Plug-and-Play products to Custom AI solutions.